Monday, August 4, 2008

EULA - this I can accept...

There is a lot of concern for the way End User License Agreements are written. Some courts decided that users cannot be held to these agreements; not many are read in their entirety by the users themselves.
If you are a keen installer of the latest and the greatest or just testing out various alternatives, you too may have clicked through the "I accept" button countless number of times.
Recently, while trying out the Adobe Reader 9, I saw this message.

Now I can definitely accept THAT. The poor server did not understand my request. How could a new reader not parse through the license agreement for its own use? This is hilarious. In a 33.6 MB download, they could not save a license readme file? They had to go online?
I have to say that in uploading this image, I also accepted the "Terms of Service" Google offered up without reading it as well.
Who knows what rights I may have given up?


Ganesh said...

Dude. Check out foxit. Its < 4 MB for all the functionality that Adobe offers + it has a working EULA :P

PRS said...

@Ganji - Thanks dude. I did check out Foxit/ Sumatra/ Adobe 9 and think will settle with Foxit for now.

current said...

upon report of this issue, the developer @ adobe would have given the typical answer, "it worked at my machine". :-)

on a separate note - where are your blogs on your trips to yesu-nadu ?


PRS said...

@current: Working on one machine is fine - my issue was that they could not include it in their package.
anyways... what do you want to hear abut the yesu-naadu trip? it could be a series by itself.. as you can see.. I am fishing for specific blog topics!