Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Masal vada in a naan

Israel is one of the places to offer the Falafel.

Typically, falafel is offered in 2 ways – stand alone and pre-packaged with Naan/ salad/ dressing. I say Naan instead of pita bread so as to put the right image in your head. The core ingredient of Falafel is some sort of peas (fava and chick peas), ground and deep fried. Sometimes, coriander is added as well to the mix. In short, the Israeli version of Masal vada.

The kicker is the dressing on top – tahina and the spread (hummus) which makes this a very very tasty dish. Mostly considered fast food and available in plenty all over Israel. Also purely vegetarian – and hence safe to order and eat even if you don’t speak Hebrew!

Check out the mouth watering images here.

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